Kroepfl Advisors is committed to providing dependable and accurate appraisals throughout Grand County.

We appraise all property types from large lakeside homes, to condominiums, to vacant land and commercial property throughout Grand County. No property is too small or too intricate. We promise hard work, an ethical approach, resulting in a valuation you can count on.

Quality appraisals by qualified appraisers. Contact us now to discuss your specific valuation needs.

We offer a wide-range of services to support the needs of various customers, including:


   - Pre-listing appraisals (whether you're selling a home yourself or using a real estate agent)
   - To challenge a property tax assessment
   - Remove PMI to lower your mortgage payment
   - To reinstate a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
   - In the case of a divorce, when property needs to be divided
   - To determine the true market value of real estate in question to settle an estate
   - Also, you may just need a professional measurement of your home

Financial Institutions and AMCs

Providing lending decision support.


Appraisal services to meet your clients' needs.


Accurately determine the value of your clients' real property.


Get the knowledge you need to make a great investment.